There is enough information here and elsewhere to transform your business. So why isn't everyone doing it? It's not complex (although some aspects can require a bit of experience and thought). It's not expensive (although some aspects may require some spending). Basically, we all have the three ingredients (time, skills and money), albeit in various levels.


So what's the big secret? There is none (although great ideas can, of course, lead to an outstanding result). Boring as it sounds, the key is discipline and diligence. Identify a target (assuming you have goals), identify and evaluate alternative actions, implement, monitor, improve and systematise it - and then start again with another target - while not letting your first effort slip.


It sounds very simple - perhaps too simple? Words are relatively easy to think (although the power of positive thinking is a whole separate subject) and to say - it's the doing that actually changes things. All the information and ideas here and on the whole internet will not make any difference at all to any business until they're implemented.


If you're like most entrepreneurs, ideas flow - implementation (thorough, comprehensive, lasting) is the challenge. If you're a manager these aren't the main issue - it's getting and evaluating ideas that is the most challenging part. Whatever you are, being able to complement your strengths with those of someone with the other personality can put you in a stronger position.


Even so, you can't implement all possible ideas at once. Some will offer little benefit to your business anyway. It makes sense to prioritise your efforts. Sometimes it may be that little changes require little effort, so it may be better to tackle some of those early. Seeing early successes can boost your confidence. But you mustn't lose sight of the more significant goals.


All of this requires the three ingredients I mentioned at the start. I can't help with your time and your money, but I can help with general business thinking and skills. I can offer advice as you work through this (no charge to talk). Alternatively (or as well) some resources here are free - there is no cost. Mind you, even at that cost, they are still too expensive - if you don't use them.


We want you to succeed. So what have you got to lose (apart from an hour of your time)?