We are Phil and Lynette Astley - a husband and wife team who provide business services to support business owners who want to grow their businesses. Our bread and butter comes from our other company, offering accounting and taxation services. But this is where our passion lies - or more correctly speaking Phil's passion lies. I love to see every business I come across doing better after talking with me.


In these pages we give you a small taste of what we're about - but the best way to find out if and how we can help you to enhance your specific business and lifestyle is to call us (04 920 0911), e-mail us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), or Skype (philanz) us to arrange a free, no-obligation, initial "meeting". Note that although this used to take place "normally", these days it's usually virtual, using Skype. This removes the restriction that used to keep us limited to our part of NZ. The only thing we ask is that you schedule up to an hour to minimise interruptions.

Every business is ultimately about relationships - and ours is no different. If we are possibly to become your business advisors, then it can only help if you know a little about us. Of course, words on a web page are limited. For example, one of our clients tells me I can't be a "real" accountant - I've got a sense of humour. If we get to know each other, you might find out how that was tested by a couple of issues. But that is an aspect that doesn't really show up on a website.