There are so many people who promise to transform your business, and especially to help you make more money. Question: if it's so simple, why isn't your business doing very well?  Do "experts" have a secret? Or to look at it another way, if everyone isn't doing spectacularly well with all these helpers, why not?


There are at more answers to these questions than there are businesses out there. But the most basic steps are always getting business goals aligned with the owner's personal goals, identifying the key tasks needed to achieve those goals, implementing the first task in a measured way until it becomes embedded in the business, and then repeating with the second task, and so on.


I first got involved in business development in 1998, alongside my accounting business. In the time since, I've seen many businesses start growing their business with great enthusiasm, only to run out of steam. This has happened with clients of mine, but I've also seen it with businesses using a variety of approaches. But I've also seen that much rarer species - those who start on this path and never stop moving upwards.  Saying these firms never finish is not a negative - it's actually a very positive thing. The business never stops striving to improve. Business goals may change (as may personal goals) - but the path is always upwards.


So what are we about? We help people align their business goals with their personal goals, identify which tasks (and in which sequence) are needed, and then build those tasks into the business.


But surely people don't need help to do this? After all, if they're in business they must have some brains. But this process is not about the brain. Obviously, it is needed - but it's about the heart. You can team up with colleagues to brainstorm ideas - but unless you are an extraordinary human, you really need someone to act as advisor and motivator to keep this process from stalling. If you have staff, you may already have the skills in your team. Or you may have family and friends prepared to do more than offer supportive words. Ideally you need someone with an opposite type of motivation from your own.


A term bandied about a lot is a coach. And effectively that's what we're talking about. Someone who'll keep you going, not for their benefit but for yours. They keep their eye on the goal. Their input varies, depending on the needs of individuals, which also vary over time and in different circumstances.