If your accounting system isn't a key part of your management, it should be. But if it's not used properly then it's at best likely to mislead you - not to mention attracting IRD penalties, etc. So we offer a review of your accounting system. If it's from one of four main suppliers (MoneyWorks, MYOB, Reckon and Xero), then it's straightforward. If it's one we won't support (through sad experience), again there's no problem - we'll tell you and there's no cost. If it's in between, then we'll do it - but you may find someone who will do this and already knows the package. Otherwise, it may take us longer, and we can't guarantee to get everything right.


This is NOT a full accounting service, nor do we become your tax agent. While we take professional care and effort to ensure the systems we review comply with the law, this is not an audit service. It does not come with our usual guarantees which accompany our separate accounting service. We simply can't be sure of finding every issue with every system in such a brief review.


So now that hopefully, we have made quite clear what it's not, what do we offer? For the princely sum of $125 (plus GST), we will review your system with you. We will spend up to one hour reviewing your system and highlighting any areas we can see where you could tidy things up.


If you're just wanting to gain some reassurance, send us an email. We'll arrange a mutually convenient time for a meeting via TeamViewer. This means we can work with you on your system - but we don't need to physically be together in the same room. You will need to take notes and arrange the required follow-up steps.


But there could be issues raised that require more clarification. We offer advice on any subjects we encounter during the review, via email for three months following the review without charge.


Now it is possible that you'll ask questions that require the expenditure of more time and effort. If these do arise, we'll discuss it with you and get your agreement to pay before we do anything. This is not likely - but we just need to explain the way we work. You'll never get a bill from us without first agreeing to it.


The other limit to this is quantity. To avoid the possibility of this distracting us from our regular clients, this special offer is only available to ten businesses.