SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. It is essential to any business aiming to be present in the foreseeable future is aware of these things. And by their nature, they are not fixed - so you need to review these periodically.


Powerful tool


A SWOT analysis can let you see which areas are most in need of some action. It may not teach you the skills needed to solve particular issues - but it does highlight the issues. Getting the problem identified and defined is the first step towards solving it. You may then tackle it yourself. You may give it to an outsider to tackle. Or you may employ a staff member. There are always options - but to manage properly, you need to know what the issues are facing your business.

Some managers know (or think they know) exactly where they need help - and we can work on that if they want. However, we have found that a proper SWOT analysis can help us to focus on important areas first. Clients enjoy getting big wins early on - and often learn unexpected truths as well.


Now a detailed SWOT analysis up front can be daunting - so we offer a cut-down version for newbies to cut their teeth. However, while the system is greatly truncated, the only way we can offer it free is to let you use it without any input from ourselves. While we believe every business can improve in the basic areas it covers, we have also seen customers give up when left to their own devices. Yes, you might expect this to come from people offering our services - but we are simply reporting what we see. So feel free to try this - but if you feel you aren't making the progress you want, talk to us and we'll work through other options together. However, one of these is NOT doing it for you.