We have undertaken something fundamentally different. There are times when it can be very useful to be physically on site - to notice things that otherwise would go unnoticed by an independent party. We at least partially compensate for this by using Skype or Zoom on your laptop, tablet or cell phone.


But our model has changed. Yes we still need to provide independent advice - but mainly we focus on the process rather than the actual task.


Unless the process is really owned by the business owners then we, and they, are largely wasting each other's time. We may make improvements as we go - but our end goal is to transform the business owner and not just the business. To that end having us at arm's length can actually avoid the business becoming dependent on us - something which seems contrary to our business interests - but which in reality creates more issues than it solves.


So that's our virtual services - pretty much like "real" ones - but without the geographic limits. When you need us, we can be there to help you - virtually.